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Introducing The Document Liberation Project

DLP logoToday many people have digital content they created years ago and stored in obsolete and proprietary document formats. Very often these old file formats cannot be opened by any application on the user’s current operating system, leaving the users locked out of their own content.

However, it is not just individuals that are affected: public and private sector organisations are similarly afflicted; and this can have huge consequences when, say, a a government is unable to read or access digital data it has created in the past.

This is where The Document Liberation Project comes into its own.

The Document Liberation Project was created to enable, people, private and public sector organisations to recover their data from proprietary formats and to provide a means of converting the recovered data into open and standardised file formats, such as Open Document Format, thus returning effective control over the content to the actual authors from the software computer that devised the proprietary formats.

To achieve this, The Document Liberation Project develops software libraries that applications can use to read data in proprietary formats.

The following video explains how this process works.

Read more about The Document Liberation Project and the list of projects it supports.

Originally posted on the author’s own blog.