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Pound falls post Brexit, MS to up prices

Microsoft announced “important changes for customers buying enterprise software and cloud services in British pound [sic]” in a blog post yesterday.

However, private individuals buying MS products will not be affected as these pricing changes will not apply to consumer software or consumer cloud services.

Furthermore, these changes will not affect business customers existing orders under annuity volume licensing agreements for products that are subject to price protection.

This price increase for business customers follows the nosedive in the value of sterling since Britons voted to leave the EU back in June.

With effect from 1st January 2017, Redmond will be increasing prices for its enterprise software by 13% and 22% for enterprise cloud services “to realign close to Euro level“.

For cost-conscious businesses and public sector organisations, this could provide the stimulus they need for migrating to free and open source equivalents of MS’ products. For example, why pay through the nose for MS Office when the excellent LibreOffice does exactly the same job and doesn’t lumber the organisation with vendor lock-in.

Why not think about it?