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Digital Donation Day II

It was raised at the meeting that we could either run a big event like last time at the ECC, or run smaller 2 hour training/giveaway sessions at the office. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Personally, I think the smaller sessions at the office will be better.

+ Smaller groups mean less volunteers
+ No rental for the ECC room
+ Easier to manage
– Not so good for publicity

As an idea, I suggest we maintain a first come, first served list of people wanting PCs. To get on the list, a message can be left on the office answerphone, an email sent (say, or a submission on the website. When we have machines ready, and enough people to run a course (say 4-8 people), we contact the first people on the list to make a training course at the office. The people turn up to find ready-to-run machines that they will learn to use for a couple of hours before taking them home.

It’s cheap to do, and sustainable. Any thoughts on this?