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Suse in the ICT Suite

Yesterday we got into the ICT Suite thanks to Nigel from Easton Community Association ( trivia: Nigel used to be in Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark!) and with the help of Tall Paul we got all the machines dual booting between their default Windows OS and Suse. Partitioning was fast, the install was quick and configuring for the network was very simple (I quite enjoy using YAST 😛 ) . One machine refused to play ball with the partitioning: we suspect Windows will have to be reinstalled first; apart from that everything went smoothly.

Two things to complete to finish preparation for Linux training –

  • Suse 8.2 doesn’t come with Mozilla default so that has to be dloaded and installed on all the machines, I think we did one, but the rest will have to be done before Nov 13th, not a difficult job, but time consuming nonetheless.
  • We have to sort out the printing, so we don’t disturb the Centre’s Windows network. Matt thinks he has a solution.