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Hi all, A lot has happened over the last few weeks, this last one in particular. To make sure everyone thats not around daily is up to speed on things, here’s an update on what’s happened and a roadmap of what is to come in the near future. Bails and I got the VoIP at […]

Bristol Wireless on the 10 O’clock News

Bristol Wireless will be featured on the 10 O’clock news on Monday evening, 6th March. We were visted by Rory Cellan-Jones the BBC business and technology correspondent for a day of filming and interviews today (Thursday) for a news item on community and municipal wi-fi projects. Click here for the BBC report (RealPlayer required). Starting […]

MIT backs Brazil’s choice of Linux over Microsoft | CNET

MIT backs Brazil’s choice of Linux over Microsoft | CNET SAO PAULO, Brazil – MIT’s Media Lab has recommended Brazil install open-source software instead of proprietary software offered by Microsoft on thousands of computers that will be sold to the poor, according to a letter obtained by Reuters on Thursday. “We advocate using high-quality […]

The first GNU/Linux encyclopedia

NewsForge | The first GNU/Linux encyclopedia – Linpedia launched Ahmet Mulalic writes: “Linpedia is the first Linux encyclopedia on the internet that is designed to be read and changed by anyone. It runs on the mediawiki software. The project was started on 24. December 2004. and is located on domain (think of .com as […]

Open-source geeks are modern heroes, says think tank,39020390,39175467,00.htm Coders who give up their spare time to contribute to open source projects are the virtual equivalent of lifeboat men, according to latest research from Demos Britain’s open-source software developers make a valuable contribution to society and the British economy through the high quality of their work, according to Demos. The UK think tank […]

BT dangles Wi-Fi for a quid BT is trying to drum up business for its Wi-Fi broadband service by offering an entry-level package for just £1 a month. Snag is, you have to be an existing BT Business Broadband, BT Broadband or BT Yahoo! Broadband customer to take up the offer. That aside, anyone signing up to the time-limited promo […]

Bristol City Council moves in the right Direction

Bristol goes open source "The biggest ever switch by a UK local authority away from Microsoft software to ‘StarOffice’ desktop solutions based on open source software is set to take place at Bristol City Council," reports E-Government Bulletin. "Bristol is poised to move up to 5,000 of its staff desktop computers to the StarOffice […]

Update on roll out

Yesterday (Tuesday 19th Oct) Rich and Dick Turpin met some of the parents in the planned recipient households to give them a bit more information about what they may expect over the next few weeks. A leaflet was distributed entitled "Some information about the project …" and a questionnaire hurriedly put together by both of […]

Creative Expo 04

John Mayford has given us an invite to the Creative Expo 04 at the LShed on Bristol harbourside on 22/23rd October. The event hasbeen orgnaised by Bristol East Side Traders – and I’m sending off for an official pack now. Are you an artist, designer, maker, photographer, performer, comedian, architect, street artist or poet […]

Migration Stories

Nailing another Microsoft TCO tall tale At Rouse’s Supermarkets in Louisiana, it was just another July day in 2004. Customers placed their summer grocery selections on the conveyor belts; cashiers scanned them and collected the amount due using their touch-screen terminals, just like always. But underneath the hustle and bustle at the checkout lanes, […]

Bristol Sound and Vision @ Cube Cinema

Bristol Sound and Vision04 Update ATV has booked the Cube Cinema on 27th October to showcase the films produced by the "Alliance For Innovation" team of Action Time Vision, Exploding Pictures and Firstborn Creatives as part of the Bristol Sound and Vision04 programme Bristol Sound and Vision04 formed part of the St Pauls based 4 […]

dynamic content on the new wiki Is there anyway of adapting this for embbing an RSS feed into a wiki page do you think? BTW I used tinyurl cos the long url really mucked up the formatting on the new site, try it in the sandbox, I thought it would wrap, they did in the old forums.


OPEN SOURCE IN THE VOLUNTARY/NGO SECTOR, 15 SEPTEMBER, UPDATE No.1 Welcome to the first update relating to the forthcoming Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)/NGO Open Source Event taking place in London on 15 September. This update sets out some more detail relating to the proposed programme and arrangements for the day, and gives further background […]

Course materials from IOSN This looks like a really useful resource. It’s being slashdotted at the moment so its difficult to access the server but it might form a good basis for a longer introductory course. Will have a look and evaluate once I get get on the site. the original SlashDot posting can be found here – […]