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Meeting Tuesday 11th November

Hi all,

things have been a bit slower this month as some of us have been busy with organising the training at the ECC which has been a lot of fun. We didn’t set a date for the next meeting at the last, so I’d like to suggest that we do the next one on Tuesday 11th November at 7.30pm. 2 days before the end of the last training session and the Wireless Surgery we are planning to run that night at the ECC.

As I won’t be able to make the meeting physically, I’d like to suggest that we have the meeting in IRC to see if that increases participation (the last one in June was quite a success – minutes @ ). This could mean a joint RealLife/IRC meeting as there are terminals either at the The Lab (which could be opened for the evening), and 2 terminals at the Chelsea (which is always open) if you’d like to join in that way.

Minutes of the last meeting are at various places – such as here

and an editable agenda can be found here

Hope to "see" lots of you there