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New online Linux Course from Linux Online

Intermediate Course
The new intermediate course is designed for those who have have completed our previous course, "Getting Started with Linux" and want to expand on what they learned. This course focuses on Linux system administration tasks, such as installation and configuration of programs providing network services. It goes into detail on how to set up a mail server, web server, file & printer sharing and other essential services. It also provides lessons on Linux kernel configuration and web development using Open Source tools. The course is filled with practical examples on every subject. This set of lessons is ideal for anybody with basic Linux knowledge or for administrators migrating from other platforms who want to get a good primer on managing a Linux system.

Before the new year, we’ll be adding a system to track your progress, a quiz to each lesson, and a final exam to test your knowledge of the subjects you’ve covered. A certificate of completion that you can frame will be available for a small fee. This fee will be waived for subscribers.

Subscribers will also have a special Q&A section where they can ask the course designer specific questions about the material covered and enhance their knowledge even further!

The new course is located at: