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Awards For All

Awards for All can fund projects that enable people to take part in and access community activities, as well as projects that promote education, the environment and health in the local community. You can apply at any time

* The application form is short and simple
* There are links to guidance notes and sources of help
* You will be told if you are successful or not within 3 months

Your group can only receive a maximum of £5,000 in any 12 month period from Awards for All. This will be from the date you are notified of any award made.

You can apply if

* You need a grant of between £500 and £5,000 to fund a specific project or activity;
* You are a not-for-profit group; or
* You are a Parish or Town Council, School or Health body; *
* You can use the grant within one year.

Here are some of the things that a grant could be spent on:

* providing training courses
* professional fees
* equipment and materials

Application forms are available from the website in three formats:

1. EAF (Electronic Application Form) – for PC users only
2. Adobe PDF form – for Apple Mac and PC users
3. Request a paper copy of the application pack from or contact an the office below.

(None of which work under Linux though!)

If you are not sure whether your project is something they can fund, please contact your regional Awards for All office Awards Officer on 020 7587 6643 or 020 7587 6642.