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BT Community Connections

Anyone know of any groups that be encouraged to apply for this besides ourselves. The possibility exists of our pooling the bandwidth locally, in return for our support in applying perhaps.

Please note that BT is currently reviewing the award scheme with a proposed launch date for Year Three of January 2004.

BT Community Connections is a nationwide award scheme that aims to connect local community and voluntary groups to the internet. The scheme has already allocated 1,100 PCs throughout the UK during the past 12 months and there are a further 600 to be awarded. Every award winner will receive a package of an NEC multimedia personal computer including speakers, 15” monitor and a contribution towards 12 months Internet access. Each award will give community and voluntary groups the ability to access up to date information via the world wide web, contact similar groups around the world by email and even create their own community interest websites.

All you have to do is log on to the website –

Or request an application pack from:

BT Community Connections
PO Box 30775,
London WC1B 4QE

If you, as an individual or part of a group, feel that the internet would make a positive contribution to your community then you can apply for an award.