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Pathways Work Placements

We’ve got the go-ahead with a few provisos to employ some people as work placements in partnership with Future West as part of the Pathways to Work project. We’ve had a meeting at the lab with Red and Jade West the 2 administrators of the scheme and they seem very keen to work with us. Before we can be fully accepted as partner we have to have some Employer’s Liability Insurance in place and a whole set of policies, which we are developing on the wiki.

Placements last up to 5 months.

As Future West’s website is so dreadful to navigate I’ve c&p’ed the relevant bits below –

Pathways to Work is a local employment initiative, managed by Bristol City Council. It offers an integrated package of provision to help those particularly disadvantaged in the labour market along the path towards sustainable employment. Click on the logo for more detailed information, including help with particular issues… Visit the Pathways site for more detailed information

It is a partnership of local delivery organisations, which between them offer people advice, guidance, mentoring, training,work experience and help into jobs.

Our clients are unemployed and excluded people aged 25 and over in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area, who are not eligible for New Deal. The programme is funded by the Employment Service and the European Social Fund. For more detailed information, visit the Pathways site

Future West provides quality work experience placements with employers in the public, private, community and NGO sectors. Placements are offered in many different work areas for a wide range of abilities. Individual placements are tailored to meet specific needs and interests.

A wide range of appropriate vocational training is available to support and customise work experience placements ranging from NVQs, Key Skills, First Aid and other courses leading to qualifications.

Job search
support is available on a one to one basis or in group sessions. There is an ongoing programme of activities addressing confidence building, making job applications and c.v. writing.

Future West aims to support individuals towards their employment goals and career aspirations by providing

  • Current, relevant work experience
  • Up to date references
  • Recognised vocational training qualifications
  • Job Matching Service and job search assistance

Future West works closely with local businesses and community enterprises to enhance business performance, support local regeneration and improve the quality of people’s lives.