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NotCon04 6th June

* NOTCON ’04 Call for Participation – Please Redistribute Freely *

NotCon ’04, Sunday 6th June 2004, Imperial College Union, London

Proposals due by: Friday 14th May 2004

Have you coded, created, or discovered an interesting application of technology?
Then why not come and talk about it at NOTCON ’04?

NOTCON ’04 is an informal, low-cost, one-day conference looking at things that technologies were perhaps not intended to do.

It takes place on Sunday 6th June 2004 from 11am to 6pm at Imperial College Union, London (in South Kensington, next to the Science Museum and the Royal Albert Hall). And yes, there will be wi-fi. And a bar. And the kind of people who actually ask for them in that order.

* What We’re Looking For *

We’re looking for a mix of talks, demonstrations and panel discussions covering all the usual areas – but with a bit more of an edge than you’d get from just reading about them online.
In short, we’d like proposals for any of these sorts of sessions – especially if they fit into the following categories:
Geolocation services
Social software
Hardware hacking
Actual impacts of blogging
Alternative media
Politics on the net
Politics *of* the net

– and also especially if they don’t.

There’ll be the usual 45-minute (and questions) slots for longer talks, plus plenty of shorter 5-minute "lightning presentations", so you don’t need to write a complete lecture or anything.

Proposals should be submitted via the web form at:

And if you try to get them to us before midnight UK time on Friday 14th May 2004, then we can work out – and let you know – the line-up before the end of May.

* Staying In Touch *

Even if you don’t want to suggest a talk, you can stay informed about the event by subscribing to our low-traffic announcement-only mailing list – send a blank email to: (your address will only be used to contact you about the event and will not be passed onto third parties).

* Further Info *

NOTCON ’04 is organised by some of the people behind UK tech newsletter NTK, socially-minded net charity, unofficial "Emerging Technology" recap ConCon UK, and 2002’s "Extreme Computing" show – but please feel free to help out!

We’ll be attempting to answer any other questions that arise on the event Wiki: – or you can email

if it’s not covered already. NotCon ’04, Sunday 6th June 2004, Imperial College Union, London See you there!

2 Responses to NotCon04 6th June

  1. petef May 14, 2004 at 9:22 pm #

    I’ve submitted a proposal for a lightning presentation:
    Bristol Wireless – a quick overview

    Bristol Wireless is a community co-operative with a commitment to low tech hardware and free software which is achieving a great deal with virtually no funding. We’re building a community owned wireless network across Bristol, offering low cost training and we’ve already refurbished and given away over a hundred linux pc’s. Most recently we have arranged to provide every child starting at a local school this September with a free linux pc and free wireless broadband connection. This session will give a lightning overview of our work and the opportunity to buy a t-shirt. 🙂

    Bristol Wireless – in your aerial! and
    It looks like this one has been accepted – time TBC.

  2. petef May 14, 2004 at 9:42 pm #

    And another one – not Bristol Wireless related though:
    You can rip me but don’t dis me

    An optimistic five minute rant ^H^H^H^H _vision piece_ on the possible social ramifications of widespread access to the digital means of production and the adoption of creative commons licensing by a generation of producer/consumers.

    Also available at
    Feedback/criticism welcome.

    This one is not happening:
    We did like "You can rip me but don’t dis me" too but there’s a whole
    copyright session planned with Creative Commons’ Cory Doctorow and the
    Internet Archive’s Brewster Kahle, so I think they’ll probably be
    re-iterating a lot of those themes…
    Dave Green, Co-organiser,