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An elderly gentleman based in Horfield by the name of Ken Taylor rang the Lab last week to ask if anybody we knew might have any use for a large collection of radio valves (1940s/50s), many of them still in their original boxes. He and his friends were "wireless" hobbyists during and after WW2, even down to designing and building their own TVs. He also said he knew someone who used to work for the original "Bristol Wireless" company and would try to get him to get in touch.

Anyway, if anyone wants any post-war radio valves his number is 0117 9516353

One Response to Valves

  1. Jules June 21, 2004 at 5:28 pm #

    I have contacted this guy and will be collecting the valves from him soon. Thanks a million guys!!! They’ll come in very useful for my (non-digital) and somewhat ancient radios.