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Circus 2 Iraq Benefit Party – Dec 10th

well, i sort of agree sam_ , and it its great shame. We live in the area of the planet occupied by the rich 10%, indeed are the rich 10% and it’s makes it hard to stay sane in such an unequal world if you have the slightest shred of empathy in your heart

… but fuck it, the scavengers are such good entertainment and we deserve to let our hair down occasionally, even better if we can continue to do something worthwhile while we’re doing it.

2 Responses to Circus 2 Iraq Benefit Party – Dec 10th

  1. sean November 29, 2004 at 10:42 pm #

    A Circus 2 Iraq Benefit Party is set for Friday 10th December at the Black Swan on Stapleton Road in Easton, Bristol with a festival flavour of local musical talent covering the full musical spectrum.

    Circus2Iraq is the brainchild of its Easton based founder, activist and Law student, Jo Wilding. Jo went to Iraq three times between 2001 and this year: on a sanction breaking visit in 2001, returning in the lead up to War in 2003 to document the plight of the country. Jo wanted to do more and had the idea to set up a circus for traumatised Iraqi children and sent out an email which got enough responses from clowns, translators and supporters to return in November 2003. Based in Baghdad, outside the Western military “Green Zone” Boomchucka Circus travelled Iraq performing, playing and teaching in squatters’ camps, orphanages and schools between March and May 2004. Jo found time to continue her documentation of life there and get shot at by US marines whilst working as an Ambulance worker.

    Circus 2 Iraq, a.k.a. Boomchucka Circus plans to support a school in Iraq and return to Kurdistan.

    The event will feature DJs from Parlour Deluxe, Future Funk, Notorious Duvet Gang, Toxic Dancehall and Action Time Vision. Live music for aural pleasure (that’s aural not oral) takes the form of exciting drum and bass live outfit “Gurnard” , Mankala purveyors of African influenced funk rhythms and Easton favourite daughters and sons, Crass-soaked ska-punksters: “The Scavengers”.

    The event also bids a fond farewell from Easton to Andy Sabel, the backbone of the Kebele Bike Workshop for 6 years, DJ at many a Kebele night and worker at Easton Community Centre

  2. sam_ November 30, 2004 at 9:39 pm #

    why cant people just give money like to causes; why do they have to dress it all up in abhorrent consumation of fun and drink and more food like than most people could afford in a month in IraQ.. FASCIST hypocrites I say.

    Boycott the party, give money without seeking reward, that is the way fwd.. not all this backslapping and consumerism….