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MIT backs Brazil’s choice of Linux over Microsoft | CNET

MIT backs Brazil’s choice of Linux over Microsoft | CNET
SAO PAULO, Brazil – MIT’s Media Lab has recommended Brazil install open-source software instead of proprietary software offered by Microsoft on thousands of computers that will be sold to the poor, according to a letter obtained by Reuters on Thursday.

“We advocate using high-quality free software as opposed to scaled-down versions of more costly proprietary software,” Walter Bender, director of the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in a letter to the Brazilian government. “Free software is far better on the dimensions of cost, power and quality.”

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and several ministers may decide as early as this week whether free software or a simplified version of Microsoft’s Windows will be installed on computers for a new effort called PC Conectado, or the Connected PC.

The effort aims to sell up to 1 million computers, with costs partially subsidized by the government, to lower-middle-income Brazilians this year.

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  1. BenjaminGreen March 20, 2005 at 8:55 am #

    I though this was a Bristol Wireless news page?

    Ah, I see, you thought Brazil was a colloquialism for Bristol and Sao Paulo was St. Pauls. Well it isn’t and it isn’t.

    Linux news is available via any of many Linux news wires. Why would anyone want it repeated on this page? Can we keep this page to Bristol Wireless news, so that this page is actually useful.

    Subscribe to newsforge or CNET if you want this type of news, then you would of got it week ago when it was actually published.