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Learn Cinelerra video editing for free at Easton

Ben Green of Bristol Wireless is organising a free introductory course to Cinelerra at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street on 27th July 2006. As there are only 8 places available, early booking is advised. Participants should arrive at 9:30 am to get settled in, take refreshment and be ready for a 10 o’clock start. The course ends at 4 pm.

For further details please call Bristol Wireless on 0117 325 0067 (or 0845 862 0110) or drop an email to

For those who need it, here’s a location map for Easton Community Centre.

One Response to Learn Cinelerra video editing for free at Easton

  1. Alastair Ball March 5, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    Users of Cinelerra might be interested in this new handbook put together by a leading digital arts organization.

    folly have announced the completion of the first edition of an important new project, the Digital Artists Handbook:

    The Digital Artists Handbook is a new, up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces artists to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art. The touchstone of this new compendium is free/libre open source software (FLOSS) and technologies.

    The Handbook has been edited by Marloes de Valk and Aymeric Mansoux of GOTO10, a collective of international artists and programmers.

    Creative Director Kathryn Lambert said “folly are very excited to announce our Digital Artists Handbook, which we hope will be an indispensable resource for artists seeking an introduction to the world of free and open source technologies. folly strongly believe that FLOSS is an empowering, cost-effective and democratic way to introduce digital art technologies to artists”.

    Building on the collaborative and accumulative nature of the web, the Digital Artists Handbook will always be a work-in-progress, with new articles being commissioned on an ongoing basis, and new fields explored.

    The goal of the Handbook is to be a signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible. The Handbook will be slowly filled with articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their tools and ways of working

    Kathryn Lambert said “We’re especially pleased that folly has worked with a range of international artists and specialists who have shared insight into their areas of expertise”.

    The digital artist handbook is brought to you by folly and has developed out of ongoing consultation with artists working with technology, which has shown a need for removing the barriers for artists to use digital tools. The project is supported by Arts Council England.

    The artists and practitioners who participated in the first stage of writing the Handbook are: Kristina Andersen, Frank Barknecht, Tom Betts, Florian Cramer, Phil Chandler, Olga Goriunova, Kathryn Lambert, Olivier Laruelle, Thor Magnusson, Nicolas Malevé, Aymeric Mansoux, Iman Moradi, Jon Phillips, Tom Schouten, Marloes de Valk, Peter Westenberg, and Simon Yuill

    To find out more information then please click here. Thank you

    Alastair Ball