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What’s happening? Read your crystal balls!

Our correspondent in a field in Cullompton writes:

Bristol Wireless’ old friends, the Easton Cowboys, have all deserted their usual Bristol haunts (including the Plough and other watering holes, green flat places suited to the beautiful game and the like) and toddled to Cullompton, where they’re camping and playing football on the edge of the town. This bank holiday event is being held as the 15th anniversary of the Easton Cowboys Tournament (it’s been going so long they now have an Easton Cowboys Old Guard team in the tournament).

Bristol Wireless’ advance guard of Mike of Psand, plus Lloyd, Bails, Matt and Rich were down here on Wednesday doing the initial setup ready for the camp’s opening on Thursday, with Rich and Bails staying overnight. The BW crew was swollen on Thursday by a few more volunteers and a couple more are due in later today, including the return of Mike and Lloyd, now refreshed and recovered after their dash and camping out at Heathrow doing the Climate Camp Indymedia tent last week and before.

I’m currently sitting drafting this at one of the four evo thin clients running off the LTSP laptop, which is also powering 12 x 12 years old Toshiba laptops in a nice airy tent. From the keyboard the keystrokes composing your email or sending your IRC witticisms from site are travelling 36,000 through the satellite dish to a bird out in space before landing back on earth somewhere near Dortmund, according to DNS Stuff.

It’s nearly noon and the cybertent is doing steady business, with people using gaim for instant messenging, checking their emails and so on…

The first match results have now arrived and Sean has swung into action and updated the tournament spreadsheet on Google documents, whilst your correspondent plugged the match reports into the Crystal Balls chat channel (see below). The draw for the mens’ footie was taken last night by tequila-assisted apple dunking (a bit different from the FA Cup draw. Ed.)

Even if you cannot make it to Devon, you can keep up to date via Crystal Balls’ own dedicated web page and chat channel. More experienced chat users may just like to fire up their preferred client, setting the server to and the channel to #crystalballs


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