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Are you coming to Social Source South West?

Do you work in the voluntary or community sector? Do you want to learn how free and open source software (FOSS) can meet your ICT needs and save you money? Then make a date in your diary to visit the Social Source Conference (PDF flyer here) being hosted by Bristol Wireless at St Werburghs Community Centre on Tuesday 5th February 2008.

Social Source South West will include speakers from the National ICT Hub and Bristol City Council, plus workshops and demonstrations from individuals, organisations and companies already using or helping groups with FOSS both regionally and nationally.

Another element we’ll be looking at is recycling hardware and greener computing: FOSS can help you breath new life into your old kit extending its service life (some of our mobile suite laptops are now 12 years old and still going strong. Ed.) and helping avoid the pitifully short service life of most hardware – typically 3-5 years.

Preparations are advancing steadily and there’s detailed information on the Social Source South West page on the wiki. In addition, friendly Bristol Wireless techs will also be on hand to answer your queries and – if you give us plenty of notice – we could even arrange for you to collect hardware specially configured to your needs.

When asked who should come to Social Source South West, Sean Kenny of the event organisers said: “If you’re an IT technician for your office, you’ll want to learn about alternatives to the commercial software upgrade treadmill. If you’re a finance officer, come and hear about the cost savings and see workshop demonstrations of ways to boost productivity and cut support costs.”

Attendance is free and lunch will be provided, but you’ll need to register online. As we’re limited to 80 people for the venue (including speakers and helpers), registrations will be strictly first come, first served.

The event is being sponsored by the ICT Hub, Connecting Bristol and Voscur.

See you there!

5 Responses to Are you coming to Social Source South West?

  1. chris pickering February 7, 2008 at 9:06 am #


    Who was the BDA person that came to the event? i didn’t take her name. Doh

    i really enjoyed the morning and networking. Sorry couldn’t stay. Need to work on the timekeeping!

    It would be good to follow up with more in-depth sessions. I am particularly interested in Drupal/CiviCRM and Moodle.


  2. Ronnie Corbett February 8, 2008 at 8:53 am #

    Hi all
    What a fantastic morning. I met Sofi and others and the chap from Cardiff I listened to Ben but got lost in the technological stuff. A fantastic lunch and then back to work just mulling over some new Ideas for Funding.
    I think you all did a terrific job and you all looked clean & smart like proper business men. Your organizational skills were very apparent I really enjoyed the morning a pity I had to go back to work.


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