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A visit from Ronnie Corbett

Yesterday the Bristol Wireless lab was graced by a visit from Ronnie Corbett – the real one that is, not the wee comic… 😉

Anyway, avid readers of BW News will remember that Ronnie was the warden at Princess Royal Gardens (news passim). He’s now retired from wardening duties for Bristol City Council, but is still keenly interested in IT for senior citizens and feels he can now throw himself into this fully without any of the constraints imposed by being a wage slave.

How does Ronnie intend to provide IT for the elderly on little or no budget? By using free software and Linux of course! (How else? Ed.)

Rich Higgs was chauffeured by Ronnie yesterday to a prospective install site at a local social club for an initial visit. More details as and when they arrive…

In the meantime, thanks very much for the biscuits Ron, and your justification for computing for the elderly is still the best we’ve read.