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Tag Archives: sheltered accommodation

Rosevear gets the bullet

Over the last few days Bristol Wireless volunteers Rich, Amias, Acesabe and Mark have been working to upgrade the network connection we provide to Rosevear sheltered housing scheme for the elderly in Newtown, Bristol. This has seen our volunteers at work not just in Rosevear itself, but also on the top of Twinnell House in […]

A visit from Ronnie Corbett

Yesterday the Bristol Wireless lab was graced by a visit from Ronnie Corbett – the real one that is, not the wee comic… 😉 Anyway, avid readers of BW News will remember that Ronnie was the warden at Princess Royal Gardens (news passim). He’s now retired from wardening duties for Bristol City Council, but is […]

Princess Royal Gardens – Official Launch

The official launch of the Bristol Wireless installed LTSP suite at Princess Royal Gardens, a sheltered accommodation project in East Bristol, was held on 20th July, attended by City Councillors John Kiely and Abdul Malik and his Lordship, The Mayor Peter Abraham. The suite consists of 6 terminals and a server all kindly donated by […]