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Greece: free wifi in Kozani

OSOR reports that the Greek non-profit organisation ‘Free Software / Open Source Software’ (aka Ellak, in Greek) granted the northern Greek Municipality of Kozani four wireless access points and a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) line of 24Mb down/1Mb up in the town’s Lassanis square.

Furthermore, Ellak undertook the installation, configuration, operation and technical support of the wireless network.

The total economic cost for this initiative is just the fixed cost of a broadband DSL line. In the test run it was noticed that users enjoyed the free access; the Ellak team hopes that the service will be used predominantly by students and vulnerable groups.

The name of the wifi is ‘free-lassani’ and access is open to all, but some traffic shaping has been implemented to ensure quality of service.

If your language skills are up to it, read the original Greek article.