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Bristol leads UK in work wifi use

glassy wifi symbolThe chief scribe has been known to sit in his local café writing posts to this blog using the establishment’s wifi whilst waiting for his full English and toast to arrive; and it seems he’s not alone. Quoting a study by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky, Bristol 24/7 reports that nearly 1 in 3 Bristolians – 31% to be precise – use wifi for business, working remotely from wifi in cafés, pubs, restaurants and public access points around the city to keep in touch with the office and justify their wages.

This means Bristol’s business wifi use is way ahead of London (23%) and nearly double the national average (17%).

Fifteen per cent have used public WiFi in the last day, with one third logging on in places like cafés, shops, restaurants, pubs and railway stations* within the past week and nearly half (45%) doing so in the last month.

Bristol is also a leading social media city, with six in 10 wifi users (62%) using the city’s high level of connectivity for Twitter and the like.

* = Until Bristol Wireless turned off its 2.4 GHz omni on Twinnell House last year, Stapleton Road and Lawrence Hill stations in East Bristol were the first in Bristol to be covered by wifi. Ed.

Tip of the hat: Connecting Bristol