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Bristol Wireless on the 10 O’clock News

Bristol Wireless will be featured on the 10 O’clock news on Monday evening, 6th March. We were visted by Rory Cellan-Jones the BBC business and technology correspondent for a day of filming and interviews today (Thursday) for a news item on community and municipal wi-fi projects.

Click here for the BBC report (RealPlayer required).

Starting with the Vivaldi funded backbone installation at Holroyd House in Windmill Hill, the BBC crew braved 13 floors to film John and his Westcom team erecting our new aerials and interview Bristol Wireless volunteers on a crisp clear morning with beautiful views of the city (photos pete?)

Next we moved onto Princess Royal gardens where Rory talked to residents and users of the community suite, and finally to a park off the cyclepath, so Rory could prove to himself that it was possible to just stand in the open in Easton and connect to the net. BW-ECC was loud and clear (phew!).