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Princess Royal Gardens – the suite gets sweeter

It’s been a few months since your correspondent last visited Princess Royal Gardens in Redfield. Since that time the LTSP suite has been refurbished and upgraded.

The suite now comprises a new server – now running Debian – and 7 thin clients. In addition, the rat’s nest of wires and cables has now disappeared from the floor at the foot of the common room wall; it’s all been hidden in trunking screwed to the wall and the whole setup is looking very tidy and proper.

New tables have also appeared, kindly donated by Unity Information Systems of Clifton and the whole suite is now ready to act as a proper training facility, not just for the residents themselves (and their visitors), but also for the wider community, as outlined in Ronnie’s letter recently posted on Connecting Bristol.

Ronnie also says that Princess Royal Gardens will be giving the new set-up an official launch in the near future, which will be featured here, luckily with some pictorial accompaniment.


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