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Bails BBQ Saturday 26th

For fans of Bail’s culinary skills and a nice afternoon out in the countryside in Bails extensive grounds, don’t forget the man himself is having a summer BBQ for kids and refugees from Glastonbury on Saturday afternoon The postcode is BS49 4BQ for multimap afficianodos and for trains 2 Yatton All (apparently) welcome!

Marcel Mouton – Sunday, 20th June 2004

This Sunday, 20th June 2004 : Marcel Mouton’s Picnic in the Park It’s Father’s Day. It’s the Summer Solstice….. and it’s time to put together a picnic basket and get over to Horfield Common. Marcel will be serving strawberries and cream to his flock at the Ardagh Sports Club on Horfield Common in Bristol, garnished […]

BackPack Access Point

Forwarded from From: Jim Barker <> To: Subject: Wireless backpack repeater Date: 08 Jun 2004 19:37:25 -0700 I would like to plans for the wireless backpack repeater. Software, antenna, etc. Thank you for your time. Jim Barker Grass Valley CA. USA Possible technical write-up required methinks Sean

The Bristol and Area Co-operative Roundtable

The Bristol and Area Co-operative Roundtable Saturday 27thMArch 2004, 3-6pm @the Cube Microplex, Dove Street, Bristol BS2 8JB Final program and content TIMETABLE 3.00 – 3.30 pm – PRESENTATION: by Bryan Titley (Avon CDA) 3.30 – 4.30 pm – GROUP DISCUSSIONS 1 – SOURCE OF FINANCE FOR CO-OPS + possibility of purchasing a building for […]

Repost – digitalpartnership online

Probably not our cup of tea… The Digital Partnership is an international partnership facilitating innovation and affordable access to technology, training and the Internet for learning, enterprise and development in developing and emerging market economies through a sustainable private/public partnership model. It is an initiative of the International Business Leaders Forum, established in May 2001 […]

Bannerman Road go-ahead

Richard and I had a good meeting with Adam Cattle the Education IT support officer with responsibility for Bannerman Road School on Friday (16/1) facilitated by Dick Turpin, the school’s community development worker, and one of the governors (or he might have left the governors to take up this post, I didn’t get clear that […]

Radio course

Course Introduction: Open Access Radio: Do you have have something to say? Over eight weeks this course will provide a practical introduction to speech based radio as an accessible means of communication. The course will be taught using the Dyne:bolic toolkit – a free GNU/Linux distribution on a CD-Rom that turns any PC with a […]


Transcode is a command line video stream conversion utility for GNU/Linux. It will successfully re-encode a huge variety of sources into a huge variety of outputs. It will be useful to the BW project as it is possible to encode stream from most video sources into MPEG4 formats like divx5 and xvid. It takes a […]

Digital Donation Day II

It was raised at the meeting that we could either run a big event like last time at the ECC, or run smaller 2 hour training/giveaway sessions at the office. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Personally, I think the smaller sessions at the office will be better. + Smaller groups mean less volunteers + No […]