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Category Archives: Training

Course Materials

I’ve started writing Course Materials (Students Notes and Session plans) for our free introductory courses for novices on the "TempWiki", so if anyone want’s to join in they’d be more than welcome, you can see the sort of format it’s supposed to be in, fairly clearly, I think. Spell and grammar checking would be […]

Digital Donation Day II

It was raised at the meeting that we could either run a big event like last time at the ECC, or run smaller 2 hour training/giveaway sessions at the office. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Personally, I think the smaller sessions at the office will be better. + Smaller groups mean less volunteers + No […]

Training News

Rich and Sean from Bristol Wireless have arranged with ECC to use their computer suite to put on computing training for novices using Open-Source materials. The idea is to get in the recipients of the recently distributed Suse installed machines and give them an introductory grounding in using the Operating Sytem. The course we have […]