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Marcel Mouton – Sunday, 20th June 2004

This Sunday, 20th June 2004 : Marcel Mouton’s Picnic in the Park

It’s Father’s Day. It’s the Summer Solstice….. and it’s time to put together a picnic basket and get over to Horfield Common.

Marcel will be serving strawberries and cream to his flock at the Ardagh Sports Club on Horfield Common in Bristol, garnished with live flamenco guitar and topped with your favourite DJ’s playing Lizard Lounge music

Licensed Baaa in the clubhouse.

Click here for a map.


It costs a mere £3 entry to our chilled and friendly environment, so drop in between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Your hosts for the afternoon: Rupert Daniel, Mike Tooze and Chris Pickering.

See ewe there!

Marcel Mouton

P.S. coming this August bank holiday – Marcel Mouton’s Big Leap. 6 days frolicking in Wales. For this and other news

BackPack Access Point

Forwarded from

From: Jim Barker <>
Subject: Wireless backpack repeater
Date: 08 Jun 2004 19:37:25 -0700

I would like to plans for the wireless backpack repeater. Software, antenna, etc. Thank you for your time.

Jim Barker
Grass Valley CA.

Possible technical write-up required methinks



An elderly gentleman based in Horfield by the name of Ken Taylor rang the Lab last week to ask if anybody we knew might have any use for a large collection of radio valves (1940s/50s), many of them still in their original boxes. He and his friends were "wireless" hobbyists during and after WW2, even down to designing and building their own TVs. He also said he knew someone who used to work for the original "Bristol Wireless" company and would try to get him to get in touch.

Anyway, if anyone wants any post-war radio valves his number is 0117 9516353

Bristol Indymedia Community Arts Day


(Sat 12th / 1pm start)

Back for a second year – This whole day event is a unique opportunity for people to come along, learn new skills and discuss issues surrounding grass-roots media. The line up this year includes DIY radio workshops, how to make your own magazine, DIY record labels, understanding media and how to get the most out of it, film workshops and the chance to have a detailed hand-holding session on how
to use Indymedia to promote your community concerns. Whether you are media savvy or just keen to be heard, all are welcome.

The whole event is topped off with a multimedia live music mash-up extravaganza from 8pm. Don’t just sit there consuming, take control and become your own media mogul!

ENTRY: Free / Donation. VENUE: Cube Cinema. Dove St. South. Kings Square.

MAP: INFO: Tel: 0117 9074190

An interesting analysis of free wireless networks

This study looks at how wireless networking (WLAN) in London has developed over the last three years from hacktivist pastime to mainstream pursuit. Comparing networks built by freenetwork groups, commercial hotspot providers, and public sector initiatives the study also examines the sales and uptake of WLAN equipment and makes some direct measurements of wireless activity in the Greater London area. Finally the study looks at the development of WLAN in the home and makes a recommendation for a Wireless Festival for London in 2004/2005.

heh 🙂 We were there first!

Originally posted by Andy L. from the Clan List

1st June 2004 – Minutes



Training: We have some people already enrolled on the next training course, plus we’re likely to get a few more at the BWFestival.
Work Placements: We have insurance sorted now.
ERN: Only three people on the "ERN" network so far – needs to be sorted.
Twinnell House: We’ve been on the roof, and Matt has worked out a solution. We need to use power sockets they have there, so we need to apply to use this. People who offered use of their flats temporarily have changed their minds. We have someone who will get an antenna up somewhere there.


Funding: We need to apply for more funding to keep us ticking over.
Next meeting: Tuesday 6th July 2004

BWFestival (Sat June 5) – Last Meeting Before Event!



Venue: Easton Community Association
Time: 6.30PM


1. Artwork/Press/PR

Banners etc
Press copy
Press releases

2. Tech Specs

Progress reports
Live streams
Archive streams
Cube link
Equipment lists

3. Other organisations

Richair2030/Cube sk8
Firstborn/Channel Zer0
Other stalls

4. The day

5. After Party

Build IT @ the Park – appeal for support

Dear All

You may have heard of Education Unlimited. It is an exciting new Learning and Skills Council funded project only available in Bristol. With strong support from local business it took the view that a radical new approach to learning was needed if we are ever to harness the potential of all our young people. In the 14–18 age group, too many have been falling by the way side year on year. What a great idea!

In recent months build IT @ the Park has been working with other providers across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to develop this strategy. Pooling a host of creative ideas and copious enthusiasm, a distinctive formula has emerged. The key themes are strong partnerships, unconditional learner support, individually tailored programmes and an emphasis on building towards progression and future success.

Considerable demands have come to bear on participant organisations to be up and running in short timescales. They have taken up the challenge and delivered. So far around 250 of the most seriously disengaged youngsters have been drawn into the scheme. They have come with a background of social exclusion, dysfunctional families, educational failure and neglected additional needs. In many instances the case histories make all too harrowing reading and yield sad indictments of standard mechanisms.

Yet the EUL philosophy has proved its worth. After a few short months the evaluations consistently demonstrate a reason for new hope. The project has clearly brought many young people back to self belief and a thirst for achievement. In fact, it seems to offer the recipe for a model which many had believed beyond reach. The infrastructure is in place and the prospects are tantalising.

We have now been told EUL will receive no funding after 31st May 2004. It will all end in less than a month.

The sense of disappointment and disbelief amongst those involved can
hardly be expressed. Other providers, like ourselves have come on board with the incentive of continuation funding for EUL into 2005 and beyond.

True no firm promises were made on that point but the indicators were presented as very positive and the likelihood strong. On that basis considerable planning has taken place in good faith. Utter turmoil has resulted from the devastating fall of the axe.

It is for the young people, however that we feel the deepest concern, both for those currently following programmes and hoping to continue and for those who will forfeit the opportunity to ever become involved. Moreover, in their eyes and to the world at large we the providers are held responsible, who understand most poignantly that youngsters must not be let down.

In the face of this barrage of negatives our colleagues have come together to express their belief in the EUL concept. We feel there is too much at stake to allow what has been created simply to dissipate. Therefore, we wish to explore every avenue to gain support for and secure the continuation of the work.

We understand the decisions underpinning this situation have been taken on a National LSC and Central Government level. We would welcome your help in urging those concerned to think again about what will be lost. The providers would also be grateful for your ideas and advice on how alternative sources of funding might be found if needs be.

Many thanks for taking the time to understand the awful predicament in which we have been landed. On behalf of those who could benefit from EUL, we extend our gratitude in anticipation of any assistance you can offer.

Yours sincerely

Don Jenkins

EU Software Patent Legislation

EU Software Patent Legislation: a real threat for Linux and Open Source

Mandrakesoft would like to alert all users and the software community at large about a recent clandestine attack by proprietary interest through covert adoption of EU Software Patent Legislation.

In direct contravention of the recent vote by the European Parliament to curtail Software Patents, the Irish Presidency of the European Union has surreptitiously reinstated unlimited software patent language into the text of a statement to be adopted by the European Council of Ministers on Monday May, 17th, without further debate!

The new text, if adopted, will extend Software Patents to every piece of software, including computer programs, data structures, and process descriptions. This will directly harm most software firms and all Open Source projects unable to pay patent licensing tribute, and amounts to an appropriation of the public domain by proprietary interests. A direct beneficiary will be a new class of pure patent companies without any real business or contribution to employment, which will use the threat of litigation to extort payments. Of note is that a sponsor of the Irish Presidency is Microsoft, currently building a large patent portfolio. If the Software Patent text is adopted, Microsoft may use this patent portfolio against Linux and other Open Source projects.

Mandrakesoft would like to forewarn and mobilize its users and the software community about the very real threat of such a law. Please contact the media, your political representatives, and your government, and urge them to vote against unlimited Software Patents and to revert to the previous European Parliament position.

For further information please see the following links:

Mandrakesoft Online

RICHAIR2030 – Coming to the ECC on June 5th

RICHAIR2030 proposes a fictional scenario for its 2004 UK touring performance:

April 30, FUTURESONIC04, Manchester
May 7-10, MACHINISTA04, Glasgow
June 5-6, CUBECINEMA, Bristol
July 10-16, BOWFESTIVAL 04, London


RICHAIR2030 is a fictional wireless performance set in year 2030.

RICHAIR2030 incorporates ideas of freenetwork movement developed worldwide in early 21st century and proposes shared public consumption of wireless bandwidth in an " "After the Net", "After the Crash" scenario.

It is year 2030. The great wireless hope that promises mobility and connectivity has bubbled. The GPS satellite signals have lost track of its urbanites when cutting through the Ozone layers. The ocean-apart digital divide has eventually sabotaged the Net we surf in. What remains of the feeble bandwidth is held out and safeguarded by the wireless freenetworkers, whose self-organized and decentralized network maintains its data cloud in the local communal mesh-settings.

The mobile generation is grounded. The tribal gathering around freenetwork nodes is the only game in town, bringing together the signal-seeking Desparati. The self-appointed renegade roller girls, acting as the Transmitenti of free bandwidth, travel city limits in auto-powered modules. Equipped with homemade lunchbox chiputers, the roller girls pump the remaining wireless signal strength in RGB codes and sonic extravaganza for everyone’s enjoyment. RICHAIR2030 mobilizes roaming nodes and calls for transnational virtual mesh network.


Soundscape by [sneha solanki & kate rich]

The feeble wireless signal strength and network pingtime relay transmitted from the roaming roller girls carrying lunchboxes are captured live and rendered into sound notes. Derived from these basic incoming bytes, supermodem’s two sound artists collaborate on stage, on rollers, on mixers to beat up the signals that synchronizes with their logical-dynamic local wireless network environment. Not to be left out, the signal searching Desparati are invited to make their last mobile calls, only to hear the feeble incoming and outgoing signals crushed and recycled into the mix. orchestrates a communications signal sonic zoo by further incorporating archive of communications signals – species traditional, extinct, fictional and prescient -radio+ mobile +GPS +modem+wireless filed, flattened and transformed into dance beats. The artefact signals of the receding century preserved and performed as a nostalgia tribute, a golden-oldies archive of beeps, dialtones, pings, bandwidth reports and network sound effects.

RICHAIR2030 is presented by TAKE2030, a Transmitenti media society that operates in Parallel Net media scheme and shifts the social media mission into hypermedia playing fields.

TAKE2030 derives its year 2030 from the legacy of Kazakhstan2030, the year that Kazakhstan strives to take over Asian Tigers famed economic miracle and claims itself a Central-Asian Snow Leopard. TAKE2030 functions as research+development+action media-working units with its cross-everything-everywhere Transmitenti members. TAKE2030s plans its strategic media practice in commons societies, launches RICHAIR2030 as a touring performance in 2004, upcoming projects include MARKETPLACE2030 (alternative market trading models) and LOVEME2030 (rendezvous love hotel incorporated).

RICHAIR2030 was first performed in 2003 at Venice Biennale 2003 (Zone of Urgency, Curated by Hou Han Zou) and presented at E-culture fair (Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam).

Antenna up and on film

An omni-directional aerial has been placed on Bannerman Primary School roof today. Big shout to Matt for saving the day from an errant connector.

The school

The aerial crew – Matt, Rich and Bob

Thumbs up from Bob

A short video

There’s a 4.9MB, 300 kbit/sec, MPEG4 video file at the other end of the following link. I’d recommend a right click and download before watching it, but ymmv.

Bannerman Road school antenna installation


BWFest/Content Development 2 Tuesday 11th May

BWFest/Content Development 2


Venue: Easton Community Association
Time: 6.30PM


1. Print Proofing /approval
* Logo/T-shirt
* Poster/flyer
* Info factsheet
* Questionnaire

2. Printing Schedule
* Tasks/actions

3. Technical Specifications/actions
* Test reports/capabilities
* Installations
* Demos
* List of needs

4. Content
* Acquisition
* Formatting/delivery

5. PR
* Contact lists
* Invitations

6. Summary of tasks

7. Next meeting TUESDAY 26th MAY – outline

SWRDA funding

The expression of interest and associated docs for funding via the "Building Communities" route can be found here –

Strangely, it looks like the expression of interest is expected to be handwritten!!

Should we charge more?

We did start the courses by attempting to make them free, which was OK when everything was being done on a purely voluntary basis. Sustainability has to work on several levels though.

Our attempt to employ tutors to provide a more professional approach to the training, seems to be working, but the obtaining of money to pay tutor fees has not proved to be a great success. We are mainly relying on staff contracted by the ECC to work on our behalf to fund this (through community, Ed?), but have not seen any of it yet, mainly down to the admin and organising of it being mainly in our own voluntary hands .

Our token effort to contribute to this has been partially successful – £5 unwaged, £20 waged but it does appear that a lot of the future students will be coming from the clientbase of organisations working with vulnerable people and though technically unwaged will not be paying their own fees anyway.

Secondly the current course only has 3 trainees (the lowest yet), which I think is down to the structure of the courses (in that there is always slippage in the start dates and nobody ever has any idea of when a course will start) and lack of advertising.

I think we need to do 2 things to make the training a going concern –

  1. Make the course a rolling programme, so that one four week course immediately follows another, that way we can have a rolling recruitment program – allocate the computers from the lab (or the park at Knowle West), plus we can have general advertising rather than keep producing different ads with all the confusion over dates that have caused us so many problems.
  2. Increase the fees to £20 unwaged, £60 waged (that is £7.50 an hour for high quality computer tuition, which is still a bargain!) to make us rely on ECC less for funding , until such time as we can afford to employ our own Educational Activities Co-Ordinator

Richard Stallman at The Watershed: Sat 22 May 1400hrs

Bristol Wireless have 10 tickets available for this event, contact the Lab for more details

Richard Stallman: Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks

Sat 22 May 1400hrs Waterside 3, Watershed

Richard Stallman has been cited as one of the most important people in computing today. As founder of the Free Software Foundation, his ideas have transcended the computing arena to be influential in most areas of technology and culture. He believes that knowledge is not a commodity that should be privatised, but something that should be freely available to all. Copyright was originally designed to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing press. Stallman will be discussing how the copyright system does not fit well with computer networks, with global corporations that profit from copyright lobbying for harsh punishments to increase their copyright powers, whilst suppressing free public access to technology. There will also be the opportunity to ask Stallman questions about his work and ideas.

This event is organised by plugincinema – Stallman provided comment and inspiration for their forthcoming book ‘Plug In & Turn On: A Guide to Internet Filmmaking’
Fee: £3.00 full/ £2.00 concessions (fee to cover room hire costs)

Bristol Wireless have 10 tickets available for this event contact the Lab if you’re interested

Easton Residents Network Greenhaven

After some initial problems (possibly static) affecting the access point, the installation at Greenhaven elderly residents supported accommodation is now (20/4/4) up and running. Greenhaven has two Red Hat Linux machines in a communal area wirelessly connected to Easton Community Centre. The warden, Ron Corbett, is an enthusiastic supporter of the project and is looking forward to encouraging the residents in making full use of the facility. This is the first residents installation and we are looking forward to completing the other nine in the forthcoming weeks. We intend to generate some suitable publicity at an opening bash. Watch this space!