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Software for Community Organisations

I was having a look around – the new, beta, community Mozilla promotion site when I came across this It is described as " a grassroots organizing platform that empowers collective action inside communities and cohesively connects remote groups of supporters" and from the looks of things is basically a bunch of organising […]

Digital divide leaves a quarter of Brits stranded BCS survey finds ‘significant proportion’ of adults with no access to a PC Robert Jaques, 07 Sep 2004 One in four Britons are in danger of being marginalised because they have no access to PCs at home or at work, the British Computer Society (BCS) has warned. According to its latest survey investigating […]

7th September 2004 Monthly Meeting

PRESENT ——- Sean Rich Ben Jim Sam Matt W Andy Pete Paul Matt L Christian APOLOGIES ——— Bails UPDATE ON LAST MEETING ———————- Finance: Missing cheque found. Jason has audited account. We have around £200 in the pot. Still owed T-Shirt payments. Once nodes are rolled out and training completed, we will get £3000 for […]

Bristol Sound and Vision @ Cube Cinema

Bristol Sound and Vision04 Update ATV has booked the Cube Cinema on 27th October to showcase the films produced by the "Alliance For Innovation" team of Action Time Vision, Exploding Pictures and Firstborn Creatives as part of the Bristol Sound and Vision04 programme Bristol Sound and Vision04 formed part of the St Pauls based 4 […]

dynamic content on the new wiki Is there anyway of adapting this for embbing an RSS feed into a wiki page do you think? BTW I used tinyurl cos the long url really mucked up the formatting on the new site, try it in the sandbox, I thought it would wrap, they did in the old forums.

International Cisco Product Donation Pilot

This might be a useful way to get free Cisco Wireess routers for VolOrgs in Bristol to connect to our network. We are looking for NGOs and charities to participate in a pilot product donation program with Cisco Systems and TechSoup Stock. We piloted a similar Cisco product donation program in September of 2002 […]

Setup of residents’ machines

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 Rich and I went to Rose Brown’s in order to set up her access point, printer & scanner; as her house is obscured from Twinell House we only suceeded in setting up her printer but we also set up her modem and a dial up account (intended to be […]


OPEN SOURCE IN THE VOLUNTARY/NGO SECTOR, 15 SEPTEMBER, UPDATE No.1 Welcome to the first update relating to the forthcoming Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)/NGO Open Source Event taking place in London on 15 September. This update sets out some more detail relating to the proposed programme and arrangements for the day, and gives further background […]

Temporary start page for the ERN project

Welcome to the ERN computer project! You can find out more about how to use your computer by clicking your mouse over the blue text below: The ERN has a e-mail group that you are encouraged to join. you can get to the page by clicking your mouse over this text: There is […]

Course materials from IOSN This looks like a really useful resource. It’s being slashdotted at the moment so its difficult to access the server but it might form a good basis for a longer introductory course. Will have a look and evaluate once I get get on the site. the original SlashDot posting can be found here – […]

Objective 2 funding

Posted to the Voscur mailing list this week – should we follow this up – deadline is tight Objective 2 Funding money still left in the pot! – European Regional Development Fund strands: (£70,485 and £4,063,042 available) – European Social fund: (£1,359,797 available) – Applications over £30,000 invited – Matched funding essential and can be […]