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News about or from Bristol Wireless

Mission Statement

I’ve been working on a new mission statement that will give people a clearer idea of what we’ve been up to and what we want to achieve. It’s now up on the wiki at Go take a look!

1st St Pauls Unlimited ICT group meeting

Hi all. Just to let you that the first St Pauls Unlimited ICT sub-group meeting is at 6.00pm on Thursday 6th November in St Agnes Lodge, St Agnes Park, Thomas Street, St Pauls, BS2 9LJ. Full details can be found on our web site It would be great if someone from Bristol Wireless and […]

Digital Donation Day II

It was raised at the meeting that we could either run a big event like last time at the ECC, or run smaller 2 hour training/giveaway sessions at the office. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Personally, I think the smaller sessions at the office will be better. + Smaller groups mean less volunteers + No […]


Another thing that came up at the last meeting is the question of what constitutes membership? The Rules of the Bristol Wireless Community Co-Operative Ltd. state: 5. The Committee may admit to membership any person or corporate body, or nominee of any unincorporated organisation or firm, who or which is living, working or active within […]