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Tag Archives: networking

Nablus goes v6

Nablus has gone ipv6, if only ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel. 🙂 3ffe:bc0:8000:0:8000:0:c393:529d is his new address, but I don’t think there’s actually anything running on it. You might possibly be able to see the default Debian Apache index.html and maybe the other services are running on it too. Who knows? It was just a bit […]

Bristol Plans wi-fi first

Bristol City Council will pioneer later this year what is believed to be the UK’s single largest urban wireless broadband network. Entitled ‘StreetNet’, the project will set up a outdoor wireless access zone that will deliver high-speed internet services across an area initially covering around three square kilometres. As well as being available to the […]

An interesting analysis of free wireless networks This study looks at how wireless networking (WLAN) in London has developed over the last three years from hacktivist pastime to mainstream pursuit. Comparing networks built by freenetwork groups, commercial hotspot providers, and public sector initiatives the study also examines the sales and uptake of WLAN equipment and makes some direct measurements of wireless […]

Bannerman Road go-ahead

Richard and I had a good meeting with Adam Cattle the Education IT support officer with responsibility for Bannerman Road School on Friday (16/1) facilitated by Dick Turpin, the school’s community development worker, and one of the governors (or he might have left the governors to take up this post, I didn’t get clear that […]