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Online safety webchat with Avon & Somerset police

Today is Safer Internet Day, which is organised in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones by children and young people. In conjunction with Safer Internet Day, Avon & Somerset Police are organising an online safety webchat tomorrow, 12th February, from 7.00 pm to 8.30 […]

Bristol Uni advises on keeping data secure in a cyber world

Bristol University seems to be doing a fair bit at present on cyber security matters. Following on from last week’s research contributions to an EU cyber security attacks white paper (news passim), the university has now advised the European Union’s Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) on how to protect the personal data of millions […]

Bristol experts contribute to EU cyber-security attacks white paper

Increasing numbers of recent security incidents against industrial control systems raise questions about the ability of many organisations to respond to cyber-security attacks. Researchers from Bristol University’s Cryptography Group and the Safety Systems Research Centre have contributed to an EU paper on the resilience of critical information infrastructures. The white paper, entitled “Can we learn […]

PPUK sends open letter to PM

Earlier this week the Prime Minister was making a lot of noise in the press and elsewhere about filtering the internet (under the dubious cover of protecting children. Ed.). His pronouncements have been met with almost universal condemnation from anyone with a bit of technical knowledge, as well as those concerned with online freedom, including […]

FSFE: storing your data at Microsoft is negligent

In an article published yesterday, The Guardian describes how Microsoft is actively cooperating with the USA’s NSA. According to the article, Microsoft is providing the NSA with broad access to the communications of anyone using the company’s services, as follows: Microsoft gives the NSA access to encrypted mails on Hotmail, and, as well […]

France’s Big Brother revealed

Following recent revelations about massive extent of telecommunications and internet traffic surveillance carried on by the USA’s NSA and the UK’s GCHQ (news passim), revelations have now emerged in Le Monde, one of France’s leading national newspapers. In a post today entitled “Revelations about the French Big Brother”, Le Monde reveals that France has a […]

Mr Plod and social media

Have you ever heard of Socmint? No? Neither had we until reading a report posted yesterday on Socmint is an abbreviation of Social Media Intelligence and is a unit within the Metropolitan Police that has been conducting blanket surveillance of British citizens’ public social media conversations for the past 2 years. During this time […]

The snoopers are already here – without a charter

As an organisation, Bristol Wireless has been closely involved in campaigning against the UK government’s plans for mass communications surveillance under the Communications Data Bill, also known as the “Snooper’s Charter” by its opponents (news passim). It now appears that all this work might have been in vain. Amongst the revelations that have come to […]

Australian government shelves data retention scheme

In the midst of all the recent revelations about the US National Security Agency’s Prism surveillance programme and GCHQ’s Tempora snooping on telecommunications and internet traffic, comes a small but welcome bit of good news. the Sydney Morning Herald reports that a controversial Australian government data retention scheme that would have required Australians’ internet and […]

Internet giants line up against Snooper’s Charter

The Guardian reports exclusively today that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo! and Twitter have dismissed the UK government’s Communications Data Bill (aka the Snooper’s Charter. Ed.) and its plans to track the email, internet and social media of everyone in the UK as “expensive to implement and highly contentious”. The revelation comes from a letter dated […]

Privacy: another reason to avoid Skype

Some time ago we drew attention to the possible eavesdropping problems in using Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft (news passim). This has now been confirmed by German technology news website, Heise. Anyone who uses Skype, has agreed that Skype may also read too. Heise Security has found out that Microsoft actually avails itself […]

Snooper’s charter – latest news round-up

The pressure is continuing to mount on the UK government’s proposals to monitor all of the UK’s internet and telecommunications usage and store users’ communications data under Home Secretary Theresa May’s proposed Communications Data Bill, also know as the Snooper’s Charter. On Saturday, the Daily Telegraph reported that the Home Office is facing legal action […]

Snooper’s Charter: Whitehall to be twinned with Pyongyang?

Ben Hammersley, an adviser to 10 Downing Street on the Tech City (aka Silicon Roundabout. Ed.) project, has emerged as the latest critic of the government’s proposed Communciations Data Bill or Snooper’s Charter (news passim). Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Hammersley is quoted today as saying: As a society, it would be stupid to build […]

Home Office rules out wide consultation on Snooper’s Charter Mk. 2

Regular readers will realise that Bristol Wireless has grave concerns about the Communications Data Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper’s Charter (news passim). As an organisation we contacted the Home Office urging for proper consultation on the Bill, which is currently being redrafted. However, it now appears that the Home Office is not interested in […]

Be Skype free: use XMPP

Microsoft will be discontinuing its Windows/MSN Messenger service on 8th April and all current users will be switched to Skype. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is advising all Windows Messenger users to take this as an opportunity to embrace open standards such as XMMP (formerly known as Jabber) instead of switching to Skype. “Crucial […]

Security alert: SSHD rootkit in the wild

If you run a Linux system using the RPM-based package management system, you might like to give your system a security check following news from the Internet Storm Center (ISC) of a SSHD rootkit affecting such distributions. To quote from the ISC article: The rootkit is actually a trojanized library that links with SSHD and […]