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Category Archives: Local Events

Local events in the Bristol area of interest to our readers

Marcel Mouton – Sunday, 20th June 2004

This Sunday, 20th June 2004 : Marcel Mouton’s Picnic in the Park It’s Father’s Day. It’s the Summer Solstice….. and it’s time to put together a picnic basket and get over to Horfield Common. Marcel will be serving strawberries and cream to his flock at the Ardagh Sports Club on Horfield Common in Bristol, garnished […]

Bristol Indymedia Community Arts Day

BRISTOL INDYMEDIA COMMUNITY ARTS DAY (Sat 12th / 1pm start) Back for a second year – This whole day event is a unique opportunity for people to come along, learn new skills and discuss issues surrounding grass-roots media. The line up this year includes DIY radio workshops, how to make your own magazine, DIY record […]

BWFestival (Sat June 5) – Last Meeting Before Event!

BWFestival ❗ LAST MEETING BEFORE EVENT ❗ TUESDAY 25th MAY Venue: Easton Community Association Time: 6.30PM Agenda: 1. Artwork/Press/PR T-shirt/Stencil Poster/flyer Banners etc Questionnaire Press copy Press releases Contacts/Invitations 2. Tech Specs Progress reports Installations Demos Live streams Archive streams Cube link Equipment lists 3. Other […]

RICHAIR2030 – Coming to the ECC on June 5th

RICHAIR2030 proposes a fictional scenario for its 2004 UK touring performance: April 30, FUTURESONIC04, Manchester May 7-10, MACHINISTA04, Glasgow June 5-6, CUBECINEMA, Bristol July 10-16, BOWFESTIVAL 04, London RICHAIR2030 – BEAT UP THE SIGNALS RICHAIR2030 is a fictional wireless performance set in year 2030. RICHAIR2030 incorporates ideas of freenetwork movement developed worldwide in early […]

Richard Stallman at The Watershed: Sat 22 May 1400hrs

Bristol Wireless have 10 tickets available for this event, contact the Lab for more details Richard Stallman: Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks Sat 22 May 1400hrs Waterside 3, Watershed Richard Stallman has been cited as one of the most important people in computing today. As founder of the Free Software Foundation, […]

BWFest/Content Development 26th April

Meeting 6.30 pm Chelsea Agenda: ACTION PLAN FOR EVENT Printing etc: Logo Event Flyer/Poster/T-shirt/Stencil Info Factsheets/Questionnaire PR Testing: Content/Network/Servers (Meeting 10/11th May) Technical Set-up/Print Proofing Print Runs Acquisition/Siting (Meeting 24th/25th May) Event Co-ordination * Installations * ECA layout * Other Venues * Catering * Decor * Documenting * Roles * Helpers

The Bristol and Area Co-operative Roundtable

The Bristol and Area Co-operative Roundtable Saturday 27thMArch 2004, 3-6pm @the Cube Microplex, Dove Street, Bristol BS2 8JB Final program and content TIMETABLE 3.00 – 3.30 pm – PRESENTATION: by Bryan Titley (Avon CDA) 3.30 – 4.30 pm – GROUP DISCUSSIONS 1 – SOURCE OF FINANCE FOR CO-OPS + possibility of purchasing a building for […]

Internet access for blind and partially sighted people

Bringing the Web to Life – Internet access for blind and partially sighted people Presented by Andy White RNIB Technology Officer Date: Thursday 17th June 2004 Time: 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Venue: RNIB Bristol Cost: £90.00 Code: AT3 An intermediate level course aimed at visually impaired people or those who are working with visually […]

Getting support from Business 3 March – 10.00 am to 4.00 p

LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITY – FREE PLACES AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Any volunteers to go on behalf of Bristol Wireless? Getting support from Business – The CREATE Centre – – lunch provided This course is for organisations with limited experience of gaining support from business. You will learn about the benefits of partnership, how to write a basic proposal […]

Feb 16th – Funding & Finance for Co-operatives

Bristol and Bath Co-operative Business Forum: Funding & Finance for Co-operatives There is funding and financing available for co-operatives in the former Avon area to meet start up, expansion and specific project costs. This event aims to inform co-operatives of these sources of finance and to give an opportunity to ask questions to representatives of […]