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Contribute to LTSPedia

We’ve been long-term users of Linux LTSP thin client systems for running both our workstations in the lab and our mobile event ICT and public access suites. Moreover, following a tweet earlier today, we’ve been contacted just now by the LTSP developers to see if we can contribute to LTSPedia, the new LTSP wiki, as […]

English Wikipedia now over 4 million articles

It’s just been announced by Wikimedia UK, the UK charity that supports the work of Wikipedia, that the English language version of Wikipedia has today passed through the barrier of 4 million articles: The English @Wikipedia now has over 4 million articles! Congratulations to its 100,000+ editors that have made this possible! — Wikimedia UK […]

€21 mn. for a free office suite; is someone being economical with the truth?

According to the IT department city of Helsinki in Finland, migrating to an open source office suite like OpenOffice or LibreOffice will cost the city council some €21 mn., according to a news piece carried by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Back on 10th of April 2012, FSFE filed a Freedom of Information request, […]

Free software and open data: Italy’s Puglia region says yes to both reports (in Italian) that the Puglia region has passed Italy’s first regional law that combines free software with open data. On Wednesday this week all 48 members of the regional council voted in favour of a new law promoting the use of free software and granting citizens access to all the information and services […]

Linux was central to discovery of Higgs boson

After the leap second problems reported earlier this week (news passim), Techworld features some more positive news – that Linux was central to the discovery of the Higgs boson by CERN. Techworld quotes a post by a Reddit user called d3pd, which we reproduce below. I don’t see any CERN related things here, so I […]

FSFE seeks 2 interns

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has two internship positions available from August 2012. FSFE is looking for bright, motivated people who want to make a real difference for a free information society. Applications would be welcomed from those with a background in politics, law, computer science or other fields. The internships are for between […]

We’ve been working somewhere secret

Regular readers will recall that we paid a site visit to Somerset wildlife sanctuary Secret World a couple of weeks ago (news passim) to do a survey for some networking they wanted doing. Bristol Wireless’ Rich and Acesabe paid a return visit earlier today to carry out the actual work. It’s worth mentioning here that […]

We survived the leap second change

The BBC is reporting that the leap second change and poor weather on both sides of the Atlantic last weekend caused chaos, knocking out the likes of Reddit, Foursquare and Amazon Web Services‘ cloud computing servers. Besides, internet and IT giants, the bug also affected many other businesses, such as Quantas, whose check-in system crashed. […]

What has the EU ever done for us? Released a DNS server as open source!

We learn from Joinup that Yadifa, the DNS server developed to administer the .eu top level domain (TLD), has been released as open source by Eurid, the not-for-profit organisation which manages the .eu domain registry. Eurid uses Yadifa alongside Bind, one of two other commonly used open source DNS systems. Yafida was published officially on […]

ForgeRock recruiting in Bristol

Our friends at Bristol 24/7 recently reported that open source software supplier ForgeRock was moving its UK headquarters to Bristol’s historic Queen Square. Even more recently, Connecting Bristol alerted us that ForgeRock is recruiting staff for its Bristol office. Connecting Bristol’s post also indicates that successful candidates for ForgeRock’s jobs in Bristol will also have […]

Wikimedia UK seeks developer

Wikimedia UK, the British charity that promotes and supports the work of Wikipedia, its sister projects, and other open educational resources in the UK, is now looking for a Developer to join its growing staff team at its central London offices. This role will involve contributing to the development of MediaWiki (the software upon which […]

Does HM Government know the difference between open source and open data?

Clearly not, if the following exchange in the House of Lords between Lord Rennard and Baroness Verma is accurately reported. First the question by LibDem Lord Rennard: My Lords, will the Minister tell the House the Government’s policies in relation to the development of the computer code or software they pay for and whether it […]

FSFE to campaign for fair public IT procurement in Finland

A couple of days ago, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) announced it had started an initiative to promote fair public procurement in Finland. The initiative concentrates on IT-related procurement notices that require specific brands instead of defining the functionalities required by the purchaser. To date FSFE has scrutinised over 300 procurement notices, and of […]

The great British public sector IT swindle

It’s rumoured that the UK public sector spends some £20 bn. per year on IT. Is this money well spent? Hardly, if the latest evidence is to be believed. reports on a FoI request by open source storage supplier Nexenta into the storage buying habits of 48 local and central government departments, of which […]

4 steps to avoid the Snooper’s Charter

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has now entered the fray (news passim) over the draft Communications Data Bill (aka the Snooper’s Charter), publishing advice for ordinary users to avoid its worst effects by using free software. The original post helpfully points out that, “Free Software provides several ways with which you can protect your […]

Help the National Trust improve its website

Are you likely to be in Bristol on 26th or 27th June? Are you free for an hour? Would you like to earn yourself £40 for giving up that hour? If so, read on. The National Trust has posted the following on its website. We’re currently looking at ways to improve our website, and we’re […]

Registration opens for CiviCon London 2012

CivivCon 2012, this year’s conference for CiviCRM users, takes place in London on September 19th. CiviCon brings together users and developers of CiviCRM to find out about the latest developments in CiviCRM and help steer the future of this open source CRM. It is a great opportunity to learn, share, network and get more involved […]