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Bristol BCS looks at open source and open standards

On Tuesday 30th September, the Bristol branch of the British Computer Society (BCS) is hosting a talk from Gavin Beckett, ICT Strategy Manager at Bristol City Council, entitled ‘Using Open Source and Open Standards to Enable Transformational Government’. Transformational Government is intended to be an intensive, structural and fundamental change in the operational processes of […]

Quebec Government in the dock for ignoring open source

FACIL, a Canadian voluntary organisation that promotes free and open source software, has filed a suit with the Quebec Superior Court against the Quebec Provincial Government. The suit was filed on 15th July and has come to light during the last week. FACIL alleges that the provincial government has refused to consider competitive bids from […]

Bristol Wireless gets reading

The weekend after next, on Saturday 13th September, Bristol’s first anarchist bookfair for 15 years will be held at St Werburgh’s Community Centre in Horley Road (home of the Bristol Wireless lab) and we’ll be there! We’ll be out in the foyer, keeping company with the bookfair itself, the Kebele Cafe and a constantly running […]

A new use for Tetrapak – a waveguide antenna

In its early days, Bristol Wireless relied heavily on ‘homebrew’ equipment, such as the whisky tin wifi antenna (cantenna), some of which has survived very well (news passim). We were therefore very interested to hear that, at the recent 08 festival in Paris, Benjamin Henrion from Belgium’s Reseau was presenting a waveguide antenna […]

OpenWrt announces OpenWrt Kamikaze 808 Release

Bristol Wireless has been using OpenWrt for some time now for its network infrastructure. We’re very pleased to learn from our friends at the Freifunk blog that the OpenWrt team has announced the release of its latest version, named Kamikaze 808. The release schedule is as follows: Last day in July – final release candidate: […]

Out of Hacktion

This piece, the second on Hacktionlab, was supposed to have been written on Sunday, but that didn’t happen through a combination of circumstances, so it’s being scribbled first thing on Tuesday morning following the return home of Bristol Wireless’ final site tat-down crew yesterday afternoon. My last post ended as Saturday’s lunch was arriving. Following […]

News from a barn

It’s summer again (allegedly) and Bristol Wireless is sitting in the countryside playing with technology. We’re providing the technical infrastructure and running some of the workshops at Hacktionlab (news passim), which is being held this weekend at Stepping Stones Housing Co-operative, Highbury Farm in the picturesque Wye Valley. We’re using the barn as a dining […]

Flying on the DC10plus

The last 2 weeks yer ‘umble scribe has been to 2 events organised by DC10plus, a collaborative project that has grown up between the finalists (Bristol, Birmingham and Shropshire, Ealing, Hull, Norfolk, Nottingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Stratford on Avon and Sunderland) of the Government’s Digital Challenge, who have formed an alliance to spend £2 million […]

Experience the world of work at Bristol Wireless

We’ve been on new ground this week at Bristol Wireless. All week we’ve had Guy and Isaac, two pupils from Fairfield High School, with us in the lab as part of their work experience. BW: “What have you been doing with us this week?” Guy: “We’ve been learning about Linux, LTSP, hardware, building a computer […]

Liverpool hosts Open Source City

Alastair Ball has told us the forthcoming Open Source City event being held in Liverpool as part of its programme of events as European Capital of Culture. Taking place from 20-22nd June, Open Source City is being billed as a “micro-festival of open source practice in the production of media art and music” and is […]