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Techadventure – one month to go

I was reminded today by a fellow labrat that there’s only one month to go to the next Adventure in Technology – Techadventure for short, as mentioned here last autumn (news passim). “An Adventure in Technology” is a party which will be held on the 28th February at the Trinity Centre in Bristol (map). Doors […]

Change of venue for next BW meeting

If anyone’s coming along to the next Bristol Wireless monthly meeting, it’s going to be held at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft in Bristol (map here). It’s where the December Dorkbot hacklab was held (news passim). As part of the meeting, there’ll be a presentation by Amias and Jamie from the Coexist Project, who are […]

US govt. urged to use open source

BBC Technology reports that Scott McNealy, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, is preparing a paper on the use of open source software for the new US administration. “It’s intuitively obvious open source is more cost effective and productive than proprietary software,” he said, adding, “Open source does not require you to pay a penny to […]

“My computer isn’t doing strange things for no reason”

When I saw that as the subject line in an email we’ve received, I thought it was a great way to open a testimonial to Linux. Last week we had a visitor in the lab who bought one of our splendid £30 computers. Normally, we don’t hear from our customers: the machines just keep running […]

Busy weekend – Part 2

If you’ve still got some enthusiasm left after Saturday’s Dorkbot (news passim) down in fragrant Stokes Croft this coming Saturday, news reaches the lab that Chaostreff Bristol will be having some malarkey on Sunday 14th December in St Werburghs, as outlined in the following email from Adam that I received earlier this week via the […]

Co-ops trade fair

The time: first thing on Monday morning this week (Groan! Ed.). The place: outside the Watershed by Bristol’s historic docks, where Rich Higgs and yer ‘umble scribe found ourselves unloading a car full of stuff – a refurbished £30 computer, the Bristol Wireless banner, blank CDs, literature, etc. – to haul inside for the South […]

Come and test your geek knowledge

Instead of the traditional Christmas-time office booze-up, Bristol Wireless is organising something slightly different this year: we’re putting on a geek quiz night as a fundraiser. Details are as follows: Venue: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, BS2 9TJ; Date and time: Friday 19th December at 7pm; Team size: 4-6 persons; Entry fee: £2.50 per […]

A visit from Ronnie Corbett

Yesterday the Bristol Wireless lab was graced by a visit from Ronnie Corbett – the real one that is, not the wee comic… 😉 Anyway, avid readers of BW News will remember that Ronnie was the warden at Princess Royal Gardens (news passim). He’s now retired from wardening duties for Bristol City Council, but is […]

Free software equals sovereignty? Stallman speaks

Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project, was recently interviewed by Rosalie Marshall of Australia’s IT news and gave the following intriguing response when asked: “Do you think public authorities should be leading the way with free software?” Every public agency has a duty to maintain its control over its computing, as a matter of […]

Venezuela buys 1 mn. Linux laptops

The BBC reports that, as part of a $3bn (£1.66bn) bilateral trade deal with Portugal, it will be buying one million low-cost laptops for its schoolchildren. Portugal is manufacturing the blue and white laptops under licence from Intel and the machines are broadly based on the design of Intel’s Classmate computer, which will also sport […]

Lincoln requests bids for city centre wireless network writes that Lincoln has issued a request for proposals for bids for the installation of a city centre wireless network. Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) has received a grant of £150,000 to be used to help fund the cost of building the network; BIG regards this grant as seed money to encourage a service […]

3ca give-away – Trubuntu released into the wild

Last night our friends at Trinity Community Arts (aka 3ca) held their first computer give-away for people who’d successfully completed their music technology course. It also marked the release into the wild of the first public version of Trubuntu (codenamed 0.2), Trinity’s custom edition of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. While waiting for their machines, […]