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Computacenter gags Bristol City Council over open source report

In recent weeks we’ve reported several times on developments at Bristol City Council (news passim), but it seems the software wars between open source and proprietary are still going on down the Counts Louse. Computer Weekly now reports that systems integrator Computacenter has prevented Bristol City Council from publishing details of a consulting project that […]

Raspberry Pi – the $25 Linux box – enters alpha production

According to the Raspberry Pi blog, the alpha boards for this ARM-chipped Linux device are now in production. This board is intended to be identical to the final device, with the resulting units being used to validate the schematic design and serving as Raspberry Pi’s interim software development platform. Key differences between the alpha and […]

CiviCon comes to London

Our friend Sean Kenny of Circle Interactive has contacted us today to let us know that CiviCon London is taking place on Monday August 22nd at SkillsMatter, 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP (map). CiviCon is the international meeting of CiviCRM users, implementers and developers to share knowledge, experience and to discuss the future of […]

Indian company launches solar-powered Linux desktop

Here at Bristol Wireless we’re keen advocates on green ICT and have many times experienced the delights of providing off-mains event ICT powered by renewables (news passim), so were overjoyed to hear of a recent development in India. India’s Simmtronics Semiconductors recently announced the launch of a solar-powered desktop. What’s more, it’s running Linux, making […]

Microsoft sends birthday video greetings to Linux

Earlier this year we reported that Linux is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (news passim). As part of the celebrations, the Linux Foundation invited video submissions to mark this milestone. A birthday greetings video from Microsoft has now been received by the Foundation. We hope you enjoy this submission from the ‘Beast of Redmond’ […]

Coming soon – Arduino workshop

Our friends at Bristol Hackspace are organising a beginners’ Arduino programming workshop on Saturday and Sunday 30th/31st July 2011 at the Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio (map). By the end of the weekend participants should be able to: Make LEDs light up in different colours and patterns; Detect switches, light/dark, touch; Make sounds drive motors and […]

Clear road ahead built on solid foundations with Linux

Question: when talking about Linux recently, who said the following? “Linux gives us the flexibility and technology maturity we require to evolve… and… to address the expectations of our customers.” The answer: Kenichi Murata, a project general manager with Toyota, upon Toyota’s joining The Linux Foundation. Murata continued: “The Linux Foundation provides us with a […]

Australian government publishes version 2 of open source guide for public sector

Version 2 of the ‘Guide to Open Source Software for Australian Government Agencies’ has become available following an online public consultation on the draft document which was initiated by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), according to OSOR. In March 2011 Glenn Archer, AGIMO first assistant secretary, requested feedback via the dedicated blog on […]

Was our prediction of the end of open source at Bristol City Council premature?

Some time ago, we speculated about the possible end of open source use at Bristol City Council following the decision to replace Star Office with Microsoft Office 2010 (news passim) and allegations of bad behaviour involving one of the council’s suppliers. It now seems these speculations may have been premature in the light of a […]

Bristol Girl Geek Dinners to meet Wikipedia soon

A new post has appeared today on the Bristol Girl Geek Dinners site. We are currently planning an exciting event in collaboration with Wikipedia on the 18th August – Girl Geeks vs Wikimeet. This will be a Girl Geek Dinner merged with a ‘Wikimeet’ including a talk from an inspiring female Wikipedian. The theme will […]

Canary Islands don’t get burnt in their choice of software

OSOR reports that the Canary Islands are using open source software to forecast and manage forest fires. Capaware is an open source 3D geographical multilayer framework which produces realistic images of land and enables virtual navigation to a given area. Based on the environmental conditions of the area (including, inter alia, humidity, vegetation and wind), […]

Doudoulinux – the right start for children in IT

The other day we heard about Doudoulinux. Leaving aside the rather scatological name of the distro (in English, anyhow. Ed.), it looks rather good at what it’s trying to achieve. Based on Debian – like lots of other fine general-purpose and specialised distros – Doudoulinux is specifically designed for use by children aged between 2 […]

HLUG plans free public event for Software Freedom Day

Our friends in the Herefordshire Linux & Open Source Users Group have sent us advance details of their plans for Software Freedom Day on Saturday 17th September. As part of the International Software Freedom Day on Saturday 17th September, the Herefordshire Linux & Open Source Users Group (HLUG) will be holding a free public event […]

Internet freedom becomes part of EU foreign policy

The European Parliament has decided that internet freedom is a component of EU foreign policy, according to the Dutch news site, On account of this step, it shall be EU policy to condemn countries outside the EU as soon as they censor the internet or other means of communication. According to Dutch MEP Marietje […]

Bristol holds its second Wiki Academy

As previously announced, the second run of the Bristol Wiki Academy took place on Monday this week up at the BBC’s Broadcasting House in Bristol (news passim). We got off to an early(ish) start at 10.30 am with a round of introductions, followed by a brief presentation on Wikipedia’s mission of free knowledge for everyone […]

City of Munich to move 12,000 desktops to Ubuntu Linux

In the flood of news about open source deployments by the public sector around the world, the UK public sector is beginning to look increasingly isolated with its devotion to closed source, proprietary IT (I believe this is what the experts call vendor lock-in. Ed.). The latest bit of news to reach the lab is […]